Can a person be gay and Christian?

A Christian can be confronted with same-sex attractions the same way a believer struggles with any other kind of temptation. Even when a Christian confesses their sin – in this case, “coming out” by admitting their homosexual practice – it is often a process before they can profess to have truly overcome their weakness/sin.

Despite agreeing on many points of basic Christianity – the Godhead, the Bible as the Word of God, the work of Christ, etc[1] – the pro-gay agenda Christian movement promotes its own theology:

  • Biblical judgments about homosexuality are not relevant today; scriptures that condemn homosexuality were meant only for that era.
  • We need to keep up with the times – science, societal development and personal experience must inform the way we interpret the Bible.
  • We’ve taken verses that prohibit homosexuality out of context from their original meaning.

These arguments depart from sound doctrine, discredit the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and hint at our tendency to use Scripture to rationalize our actions[2].

There is no ambiguity about the Bible regarding homosexuality. The Bible provides clear guidelines for sexual behaviour that are often disregarded among homosexual men – it is almost unheard of to wait until “marriage” before having sex; monogamy is seldom adhered to as the gay lifestyle typically involves multiple sex partners.


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[2] Kevin DeYoung, What the Bible Still Says About Homosexuality (The Gospel Coalition, 16 May 2012)