What is the Church’s problem with homosexuality?

The Church as a whole has a hard time coming to terms with homosexuality, especially in balancing compassion and truth.1 On the one hand, homosexual bishops and pastors are being appointed, even in major denominations. 2/3/4 On the other hand, respected Christian leaders have been speaking up against homosexuality. There are several types of churches that emerge based on the way they deal with this issue:5


Rebellious Church: defies and rewrites scriptural teachings to fit popular beliefs and opinion; openly homosexual members may be politically active and use the church to promote the gay agenda.

Uncommitted Church: neither helps practising homosexuals out of their sin nor teaches a message that would convict them of sin; leaders are misleading with no clear scriptural guidance and direction on the issue.

Permissive Church: heavy on compassion with some of the best community programs, e.g., for AIDS sufferers, but short on truth (ignores scriptural teachings); offers help to those who want to continue in sexual sin and provides no comfort for those who seek help in overcoming homosexuality.

Ignorant Church: believes that homosexual involvement is wrong; acknowledges those who want help should be helped, but don’t know how.

Judgmental/Hypocritical Church: errs on the side of truth without compassion; only embraces those who can resolve their struggles and issues outside the church without tainting the church image; doesn’t welcome homosexuals who’ve “come out”.

Instead, we need to be a healing Church that balances biblical truth about homosexuality with the compassion of God towards homosexual people. We should commit to assist men and women in overcoming homosexuality as they would any other life-dominating sin by reaching out with mercy, grace and support, as well as truth and discipline.

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