How do I respond to LGBT persons?


  • …panic. You don’t have to have all the answers, but get informed about homosexuality.
  • …make false accusations. Not every homosexual is activist in his/ her stance and pushing to advance the LGBT agenda.
  • …pass judgment. All of us have besetting sins.
  • distance yourself. The person coming to you has probably known a lifetime of rejection and desperately needs to know that someone will extend grace to them.
  • …assume. Not every homosexual is HIV(+); even if he is, HIV/ AIDS is not transmitted by casual contact as a friend.
  • …disclose their situation to anyone without permission. People with same-sex sexual attractions need to find security and safety, especially within the church.


  • Because we live in a fallen world, we are all broken.2
  • Treat homosexual people with love and respect like you would anyone else. Accept them just as Jesus did.
  • Homosexual people seek acceptance and community, just like each one of us.
  • No one is born gay, yet no one chooses to have same-sex sexual attractions.
  • Regardless of whether a person is born or chooses to adopt a homosexual identity, studies have shown that same-sex sexual attraction often grows out of broken relationships and can be overcome through healthy  relationships.
  • Change is possible. Seek to see them through God’s eyes of love and acceptance, with His intention for their wholeness, healing and freedom.
  • Guard and protect the relationship. Be accountable to others of your activities and avoid meeting at places that may cause either of you to cross healthy boundaries.
  • “Hard on the issue… soft on the person.” (William Ury)Demonstrate a compassionate spirit without compromising your biblical convictions.
  • Engage rather than distance (see Q50 & Q51Seek to love them, not change them.


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3. William Ury is one of the leading experts on negotiation and conflict.