What more can I do to preserve Family?

While every Christian should share the same biblical position on homosexuality, each Christian may be called to take on a different role in engaging with the LGBT issue. Nevertheless, we can all:

  • Build strong, Godly families. On the home front, intentionally enrich marriages, equip parents and promote healthy parent-child bonding. Fathers and mothers should be good (gender) role models and consciously raise gender-confident children.
  • Stop bullying. Prevention is always better than cure. The recovery for many post-/ ex-gays can be long and tiring. Nip the issue in the bud early by eliminating or reducing the factors that contribute to a person’s gender confusion.

  • Advocate the benefits of the traditional family. The New Family Structures Study1 suggests “notable differences on many outcomes of children raised in intact-married with biological mother/father homes, compared with offspring from same-sex homes”.
  • Serve homosexual people. Advocacy need not be only adversarial or articulated. We can help homosexual people to reconcile with their families or meet their needs for community and friendship. Volunteer or fund care for HIV/ AIDS patients.
  • Express our views through formal/informal platforms, in a civil, gracious and well-reasoned manner. Use appropriate government and media feedback channels.
  • Support family-building initiatives. Volunteer with or donate to charitable causes that promote the family unit. Support ministries that help struggling homosexual people. Provide platforms for homosexual people to share how they have addressed same-sex sexual attractions, or maintained their purity through abstinence from homosexual activity.


1. Mark Regnerus, How Different are the Adult Children of Parents Who Have Same-Sex Relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study (Social Science Research, 2012, Vol 41(4), pp 752-770)