How does homosexuality affect the family?

Counters procreation. Human reproduction is biologically impossible between two people of the same sex; homosexuality undermines the longstanding institution and an innate purpose of the family. This has implications especially for a nation like Singapore that is trying so hard to encourage married couples to have (more) children. If the evidence is true that homosexual couples are more likely to raise children who subsequently identify as homosexual1, this would further impede efforts at building a sustainable population for Singapore’s future.

Poorer outcomes for children. Research reveals that children raised by homosexual couples experience more problems than children raised by married heterosexual parents, with lower academic, social, emotional and relational outcomes. Such children also reported earlier sexual experimentation and are at greater risk of sexual confusion, exploitation, and abuse.2/3

Note: Although some studies (such as the US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study4) have shown that children raised by homosexual parents fare as well as those raised by heterosexual parents, they have methodological limitations which call their credibility into question.5/6/7 For one, they have been conducted by persons who are known for homosexual activism.8 There is significantly more research to the contrary.

Perpetuates abuse. Studies have shown that homosexual people report having been the victim of more homosexual abuse (7 times more for male homosexuals and 22 times more for female homosexuals) than their heterosexual counterparts.9 At the same time, research reveals that homosexual persons commit about half of recorded child molestation cases, and homosexual teachers were involved in 80% of recorded teacher-pupil sexual interactions.10

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