Is there really a “gay agenda”?

Homosexual activists decry the use of this term on account that it suggests some sinister and shadowy conspiracy beyond their freedom to live private lives. However, some of them have publicly discussed an agenda to push for the universal acceptance – in the areas of morality, religion, education, economics and politics – of non-heterosexual acts and relationships as normal, leading to the development of the LGBT movement.1

Note: Not all homosexual persons are activists. Activists may be non-LGBT persons.

The gay agenda refers to a political agenda which seeks to radically reshape society and rewrite public policy and laws to affirm and celebrate homosexual behaviour as normal, natural and even desirable. The intensive and sustained lobbying has successfully overturned or influenced the laws of many countries2. At the international level, the United Nations’ (UN) efforts to address homophobia (an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people3) and transphobia (intense dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people4) includes further recommendations to introduce anti-discrimination laws that run counter to the definition of family and marriage in many countries.5/6

Homosexual activists have unified themselves across the world in a concerted propaganda effort to promote pro-homosexual sentiment through a comprehensive strategy developed by neuropsychiatric expert and Harvard graduate, Marshall Kirk, and marketing/public persuasion expert and Harvard doctorate, Hunter Madsen7:


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