Isn’t discrimination against homosexuality akin to racial discrimination?

Let me say this loud and clear: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. They, too, are born free and equal. I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in their struggle for human rights.

~ UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
International Human Rights Day 20121

Racial discrimination is wrong because of what Family Research Council explains as the “5-I’s”: As a personal characteristic, a person’s race is (1) Inborn; (2) Involuntary; (3) Immutable; (4) Innocuous; and (5) In the constitution/law.2

Homosexual activists would have us believe the same is true of homosexuality – that sexual orientation is something that a person (1) is born with (see Qn.5); (2) have no power to accept or reject (see Qn.8); (3) cannot change (see Qn.11); (4) does no harm to themselves or to society (Qn.9, 25 & 26); and (5) is protected by law (of some countries) (see Qn.36).

Research has not been able to conclusively prove these theoretical assumptions made by the LGBT movement. In fact, reality hints that none of the “5-I’s” applies to the choice to engage in homosexual conduct.

But even if there is a genetic cause for homosexuality, would that automatically make homosexuality desirable or mean it is right? (see Qn.9, 15, 25, 26) Various moral ills have biological bases, such as kleptomania3, and alcoholism4. Just because one is genetically predisposed to homosexual behaviour doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to control or correct it.

As such, sexual orientation and race cannot be compared on the same grounds.


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