What are the objectives of the gay agenda?

The strategy of homosexual activists follows a similar trend regardless of which country they operate in:1/2/3/4

1.     Normalization of homosexuality

  • Talk about gays and gayness as loudly and often as possible, on all media platforms.
  • Make homosexuals look good and normal (“just like us”, stable, respectable, family-loving) through media campaigns and entertainment shows (e.g., The Ellen DeGeneres Show, GLEE, Modern Family).
  • Perpetuate the belief that homosexuals make up a significant minority – 10% of the population. Today, that figure has been shown to be overstated.5

2.     Acceptance of homosexuality

  • Portray homosexual people as victims, not aggressive challengers.
  • Give homosexual protectors a just cause, such as fighting for equality or against HIV/ AIDS (e.g., GLAAD: “Leading the conversation. Shaping the media narrative. Changing the culture. That’s GLAAD at work.”)6
  • Recruit celebrities to endorse homosexuality (e.g., local celebrities Michelle Chia, Ivan Heng and Mark Richmond as Pink Dot 2013 ambassadors7; Jackie Chan in Come Out of the Closet GLAAD campaign8).
  • Obtain sponsorship and legitimisation for pro-LGBT causes and events from powerful Multi-National Corporations (e.g., Google’s “Legalize Love” campaign9; global energy company BP and financial services company Goldman Sachs as Pink Dot sponsors10).

3.     Discrediting the “opposition”

  • Make those who disagree with homosexual behaviour look bad (e.g., call attention to heterosexual divorce rate, highlight picketing homo-haters).
  • Muddy the moral waters by discrediting beliefs that disagree with homosexuality.
  • Label “victimizers” as homophobes and bigots.

4.     Legal recognition of homosexuality

  • Decriminalize adult homosexual intercourse.
  • Equalize (and lower) ages of sexual consent for both homosexual and heterosexual sex.
  • Introduce anti-discrimination legislation.
  • Introduce homosexual marriage or same-sex civil partnership to secure all the legal benefits of traditional marriage.
  • Grant homosexual couples the right to adopt children.

5.     Indoctrination of children

  • Keep faith-based and moral teachings out of schools.
  • Propagate pro-homosexual teachings of “diversity/ inclusion/ tolerance” from young11 (e.g., encouraging children to cross-dress; make available preschool storybooks that depict two mums or two dads as good12; textbooks that tell 7-year-old girls they may be lesbian if they like other girls).
  • Recruit children into the homosexual lifestyle through sexual grooming.13
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