What could happen if Section 377A is repealed?

Based on developments in countries that have legalised homosexual conduct, we can expect that following such legalisation, homosexuality will become a norm over time, and all other expressions of sexuality and sexual preference will eventually become permissible.

Interference with basic freedoms1

  • Religious groups/individuals who consider homosexual acts morally wrong can be charged in court for “hate speech”, merely by stating their belief that children need a mother and a father.2
  • It would become impossible to oppose homosexuality and homosexual acts being taught in school.3
  • Parents lose their parental rights to educate their children against the homosexual lifestyle.4
  • People cannot refuse to enter into contracts with pro-homosexual persons or organizations, even if it is against their conscience (e.g., a hotel can be sued for not hosting a same-sex wedding5).
  • Foster and childcare entities may be denied the right to operate if they refuse to endorse the homosexual lifestyle.
  • Legalization of same-sex unions, and eventually, of homosexual parenthood, might require government subsidy of IVF treatments from taxpayer’s money.
  • Anti-discrimination laws will affect policies (e.g., gay couples have equal right to housing subsidies).

Harm to children

  • With no norms or restrictions on sexual behaviour, paedophilia (sexual acts with children) is justifiable; children are defenceless against sexual exploitation.6
  • Adolescents are given premature suggestions that add to confusion about their sexual identity.7
  • Youth are exposed to the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle (Qn.9, 26).

Even if homosexuality is deemed wrong, it could nonetheless become legal. One argument for legalizing vice in Singapore is that it exists nonetheless and legalizing it enables some governmental control rather than having it “go underground”. It takes a courageous people to continue to make laws and act on moral convictions of what is right v. wrong and good v. bad for society, instead of rationalizing destructive behaviour on account of practical economics or popular politics.


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