What does the homosexual lifestyle look like in Singapore?

Apart from Pink Dot (Qn. 24 & 37) and groups which cater to homosexual people, there are the occasional homosexual-themed plays/movies and gay events organized by regular entertainment outlets and night spots.

Tanjong Pagar Road is traditionally known as the thoroughfare of homosexual activity, but has since been replaced by Neil Road. Gay establishments in the form of bars/pubs, discos/clubs and saunas have sprouted in the area (e.g., Tras Street, Craig Street, Duxton Hill, Ann Siang Road) and in the nearby districts of Chinatown and Telok Ayer.1

With further development to various spots in Singapore, including enhancements to existing back allies and improvements to lighting in parks, outdoor gay venues have become less popular. Night “cruising” (i.e., where homosexual people roam about the area in search of a sex partner) is now limited to places such as the Fort Road carpark, Changi Business Park, Tanjong Beach at Sentosa and the upper-level carparks of Pearl’s Centre and Shaw Towers.2

A simple online search with relevant keywords about the gay lifestyle and personalities in Singapore would result in an extensive list of local gay sites and gay-affirming resources, such as Oogachaga’s The ABC’s of Gay Sex.3

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