What causes homosexuality?

Until now, there has been no conclusive scientific proof of a genetic cause for homosexuality. On the contrary, there is extensive research and growing evidence indicating that many developmental issues and environmental factors in a family or an individual’s experience can strongly influence one’s sexual orientation.

Human sexuality is so complex that no one-size-fits-all explanation can account for all sexual behaviours and attractions. That said, counsellors have noticed a pattern of family relationships that frequently appears in a homosexual’s family of origin: a domineering/over-bearing mother and a passive/absent father.

Another psychological factor is early sexual experience. Many homosexual people cite backgrounds of being sexually molested or having had sexual experiences early in their childhood1. These experiences range from sexual abuse (from another homosexual or family member) to an early childhood sexual experience that could be described as pleasurable. In an attempt to rationalize the feelings that surface from the same-sex experience, the child often begins to sub-consciously believe that he or she may be homosexual, act on those feelings and pursue similar sexual experimentation.

Other contributing factors include school environment, peer pressure and even prevailing media and societal norms. The cues children receive from their home environment, their relationship with one or both parents, and their peers, impact how they see themselves and their emerging sexuality2.

In general,experiences that affirm the child’s sense of self and worth lead to a healthy heterosexual identity. Yet even a child raised in the best home environment could turn out on the contrary because human beings have the free will to choose3.


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