How do I love my homosexual son/daughter?

If your son/ daughter tells you that they have embraced a homosexual identity, they are probably asking you to accept it as well. This may be your greatest challenge. You may never accept homosexuality as being normal or desirable; however, it is important that you accept your child and the fact that to them, their same-sex sexual attractions are too real to be ignored.1

Be honest. By being open and disclosing their feelings to you, your son/ daughter is entrusting you with very personal and difficult information. Few homosexual people expect their parents to just shrug off the news and almost all expect some negative reaction. Tell them honestly and calmly how you feel – possibly hurt, angry, frightened, disillusioned – without beating around the bush about your own beliefs. Judging or condemning their actions will only alienate them, so avoid accusations like, “You’re going to bring shame to our family”.

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How do I respond to LGBT persons?


  • …panic. You don’t have to have all the answers, but get informed about homosexuality.
  • …make false accusations. Not every homosexual is activist in his/ her stance and pushing to advance the LGBT agenda.
  • …pass judgment. All of us have besetting sins.
  • distance yourself. The person coming to you has probably known a lifetime of rejection and desperately needs to know that someone will extend grace to them.
  • …assume. Not every homosexual is HIV(+); even if he is, HIV/ AIDS is not transmitted by casual contact as a friend.
  • …disclose their situation to anyone without permission. People with same-sex sexual attractions need to find security and safety, especially within the church.


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